Appelez-moi Victoria

Camille Carbonaro


Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Appelez-moi Victoria is a visual archaeology that explores elements of memory, genealogy and exile. This investigation related to the consequences of my family's migration from Italy to Marseille. I address issues of self definition, the discovery of my one's own roots and the exploration of my memory traces and neuroses. Between reality and fiction: an investigation and a personal quest, on psychic and mystical levels, concerning my distant, evaporated, disappeared Italian origins, which I try to compose from fragments of stories of children of immigrants. With the help of a psycho-genealogist - a theory established by Alejandro Jodorowsky - I investigate out of focus and forgotten aspects of my family memory. This project is about emotional legacy; it’s about a ritual passage which has left its signs, its marks, for future generations to witness but never live again.

Appelez-moi Victoria was produced as part of Résidence 1+2 Photography & Sciences in Toulouse in 2018 and published by Filigranes Editions.

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