when the body no longer feels patriarchy won

Camila Falcão

2021 - Ongoing

My main concern as an artist is to be able to generate discussions about gender and sexuality, to encourage people who have never thought about this, to question themselves when they come into contact with my work, so this can stimulate thoughts about other possibilities besides those imposed by capitalism supported by patriarchy.

This project is about people who are breaking with patterns of gender behavior and performance, their universes and ideas, I’m photographing transgender and cisgender women, non binary people, transvestites and transgender boys.

I’ve started by shooting my friend Ligia, who only wears vintage clothes despite society’s pressure for women to show off their bodies and wear fashion clothes. Havenna, a beautiful transvestite proud of her mustache, has no intention of shaving it although she is often treated as male because of it, as she, Juno, a trans boy very comfortable with his body, runs the risk of breaking many gender stereotypes by living in the most transphobic society in the world. In 2020, there were 175 trans people murdered in Brazil.

All Ice, has recently moved in together with his partner Matuzza, they now raise All Ice’s son, Malcom, together. Cunanny and Trindade is also a trans-centered couple; they work together as fashion designers.

Abhiyana is a 46 years old woman that speaks openly about her sex life and choices, she has been a source of inspiration for me and many other women, encouraging us to live our sexuality to the fullest, without guilt and with a lot of freedom.

Nube doesn’t identify themself neither as a cis or transgender person, although I identify as a cis woman I do not identify with cisgenderness, Nube is one of the people who helped me to realize this.

The one who chooses to break with atavistic gender concepts imposed by the system is a person who seeks not to submit, a resistance. I feel persecuted by sensations and behaviors that insist on imposing themselves regardless of the reconstruction work to which I've been dedicating myself to for years, and these concerns are reflected in my work. I believe it is urgent to eliminate the concept of gender binarity that benefits the capitalist structure and the cis man, which, as it exists today, I also believe that it must end.

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  • Abhiyana, writer and actress, sits on a stool wearing one of her strapons

  • Abhiyana's sex toys drawer

  • Abhiyana shows a boob while smoking a joint and drinking wine

  • All Ice, rapper, sits in an armchair with his son Malcolm on his lap touching one of his breasts

  • All Ice, his wife Matuzza, producer, and Malcolm now form a trans-centered family

  • plants and ledder leading to Havenna's house slab

  • Havenna, ilustrator, poses on the slab of her house as a storm rages in the sky

  • Havenna shows off her mustache

  • Nube, photographer and performing artist, performes with a tangerine

  • Nube cuts their hair

  • plants from Nube's gardem

  • Ligia's window with some of her plants

  • Ligia, vintage clothing saleswoman, poses wearing one of her favorite vintage dresses

  • Ligia poses in her room with a corset that she wears daily under almost all her clothes just because she the feeling of it

  • part of Ligia's wardrobe

  • Cunanny, model and fashion designer, poses in her studio

  • Trindade, waiter and fashion designer, sits on a table in his studio

  • Cunanny and Trindade, a trans-centered couple, pose hugging

  • Juno, writer and animal lover, sits at his yard with Deleuze, one of his cats, on his lap

  • one of Juno's rats hides inside his shirt, between his breasts