Bruno Morais

2015 - Ongoing


The Fashion industry, specially womans fashion, is one of the most visible and lucrative in the world and every year experts and connoisseurs urge to be the first in predicting what the trends will be. Some patterns are easy to identify and fashion seems to play with the audience´s emotions and nostalgia to recycle old trends and relaunch as “in” what was “out” 3 years ago. Fashion became almost a science but the more sophisticated it is, the less linked it becomes to normal women´s reality and choices.

Colour trends for 2015 included, amongst other, Carter Plum, Blue Danube, Cinnamon Slate and Patriotic White according to Benjamin Moore (an expert). However the translation of these predictions and trends has very little impact in real life and remains an endogamic game for an industry that is flying so high that it forgot its reason to be.

The photographic essay “Palhetas” aims to analyse the normality of everyday´s fashion in women around the world and to bring an ironic perspective on the body of the woman as the platform and the inspiration for advertising and fashion. This is an ongoing series that has already documented women in Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Morocco, Benin, Austrália and Índia. New destinations in the following months include India, the USA and other European cities.

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