Women in Bali

bruna rotunno

2010 - 2017

Bali, Indonesia

Women in Bali is a journey into the feminine hearth of the island of Bali, where water is still venerated as Holy Water, the sacred origin of all life.

A long story of Women, symbiotically express the strength and the grace of a place where Nature and Spirituality are harmoniously combined with respect for life.

"Bali is a living island, a place that has always stirred in me contrasting emotions, stimulated by its fluid and changeable light, by a rituality made up of gestures that render the invisible visible and, above all, by a diffuse beauty that reflects a harmony that is continually reinvented.

Over time, I have met many women, both from Bali and elsewhere, who have launched important artistic, ethical and social projects on the island. Through their portraits I have tried to grasp their essence, describing the force of the female energy symbolised by water, the holy water, a vehicle of ancient memories and an instrument of healing. 

The images touch on the daily life of a place in which everything is sacred and where the creating power of nature echoes with the creative energy present in each of us, rendering our dreams more lucid and attainable."

Bruna Rotunno

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