Wet Grass, Dry Shade

Brendon Kahn

2018 - Ongoing

As long as I can remember I have been running, my eyes have been open yet unable to process my own reactions. This works serves as the beginning of reconstructing a map that explores the relationship to my the physical earth, movements, and my own creation. Being adopted and never knowing my parents names, physical features, or any information has formed a strange dislocation to my own identity. Through this blank slate I have never known what it means to see and feel the biological flesh which made you. This investigation is the first journey to consider who I am. Moving homes meant that the cities were forgotten only to find peace in what lied underneath the concrete and the fantasies created from the life in my own reality. Both fact and fiction have created a world where facing the fear of discovery can no longer be shelved.

In sweeping disregard, through neglected feelings, I have made a hard exterior that is easy to crack and topple like the layers of sediment crumbing to reveal new rock never before seen. Growing up in the desert, elements like wind, water, and dust as active modes of erosion form an emotional connection to my own fragile energy and state of harmony. Void landscapes and crumbling cement have often served as adopted homes where I have always felt turning to whenever I have drifted elsewhere.

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