Bosnia In My Heart

Bora Ayonur

Bosnia in My Heart

Bosnia is the land that many have passed through with a purpose, just to pass through.Others to be tourists, or to write screenplays and books, or to compose music, others just brought their hearts. I always wanted to bear witness to the memories that the war of Bosnia has left me with. When you are a part of Bosnia, the stories that you hear will (make you) feel heavy upon your shoulders when you bear witness. The more you inhale its weather (the more) you will be as real as it and smile as much as it.

In a world that is constantly and completely changing,Bosnia is considered as the moral capital,taking its black smoke in,instead it may bear a stamp on knees of a child who sheds light,but even if it sees a friend that it hasn’t seen for a while, it has a smile on its face.It only talks of itself to say “ do not forget me” because it knows that the one that has a stong memory will not be beaten.

From Bosnia Diary

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