What do we need?- Nature as a mirror of experience

Monika Blanka Katterwe

2017 - 2018

This project presents nature as a mirror of what has been experienced as a photographic dialogue. The Images trace intensity of emotional processes, here those based on my divorce in the 2010th. They face the viewer in a challenging way. If he used the technique of associative interpretation, visual perception leads him to a very individual interpretation. Emotional memories can be awakened and thus elicit inner sounds from the viewer. The words give his perception a certain direction. These are parts at song lyrics of the Canadian band "Nickelback". If these are known to the viewer, the perception can go in a various direction. When the recipent recognizes the clues to the numbers and places, completely new space of perception open up. Nature then speaks to him in her own language.

The publishing I realized in cooperation with Osiris-Druck Leipzig and bookbindery Heike Gusinde as a handcraft self publish book, in meaning of a multimedia perception. Based on Baldessari, a combination of lines from music text, with photographs and additional words and numbers was made. This combination enables multimedia perception for the viewer, who is encouraged to question his own refection of nature in the reception of corresponding music and video presentations.

An additional dimension arises for some pictures once the possibility of the book is used to rotate it by 180 degrees.

With the completion of the book I was able to break away from much of the past and thus embark on my new path as an artistically-scientific photographer.

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  • "Speaking to..."

  • "wrong from"

    13.12.17, Luckenwalde

  • My first photo book

  • "after the"

    10.10., Country road between Treuenbrietzen andLuckenwalde

  • "tell us"

    1.01.18, Luckenwalde at the royal moat

  • "we trust"

    25.11.17, Former military training area near Luckenwalde

  • "only goes"

    23.09.17, forest at Sharp bridge

  • "dime you"

    1.1.18, Luckenwalde

  • "one wish"

    30.11.17, Luckenwalde

  • "one fire"

    2.12.17, Christmas market in Glass hut

  • "ever feel"

    10.10.17, Wald an der L812

  • "only living on"

    2.09.17, Dobbrikow at the Front lake

  • "faith on"

    1.1.18, luckenwalde

  • "asleep at"

    26.12.17, 100years old linden tree in Luckenwalde