There are still places left

Monika Blanka Katterwe


Hackescher- Markt stops the train. A short visit at Pixelgrain and the time change her running. It is time enough to plan a walk to the next big train station. I am looking through all kinds of routes. In my memories are some important buildings as the Dom of Berlin; the Humboldt- University; the Brandenburg Gate and the Potsdam Square Arcade. Along there is a pleasant route. The walking are gone easily. The Dome is open after a long period of restoration, so I use the possibility to visit the inside of this interesting building. It is present themselves in the noble garment. The dove crowning the dome and show me the way going upstairs. I have to pass many stairs and doors during the strenuous ascents. A wave leads me around over the lattice with a panoramic view of Berlin. The breezy height is clearly noticeable. Here it is not the exit, there is only through the crypta. Following the stairs, the movement goes towards the ground. I would prefer a other way because a metaphysical dimension around´s me. This special feeling does not improve when you look at the small restaurant in the cellar right next the coffins. At the outside the sun touched my face. The feet carry me in fast steps to the book tables in front of the Humboldt- University. A copy about angels finds my interest. With this new achievement in luggage, it is easy to find the places in the media lounge. But the ARD and ZDF I have never contacted in the last five years ago. So it is easy to leave the roof into the open. Following the road, many possibilities for pausing can be perceived. I hold on the offers to my i-Phone, so the special moments be frozen now. My interests is gaining two alternatives: Academy of Art or the bank building. The art is a beautiful enrichment and open up a new perspective. The park bench before is oriented towards the Brandenburg Gate. I am following the way. He take me past Starbucks to the Potsdam Square.

The frozen pictures show various placement possibilities, especially

sozial- ,aesthetical-, memorable-, biological- or for a limited time aspects.

But as variable as the offer is, the curiosity directs the interests behind the semipermeable borders. There, scenes discovered, rain the memory. Like a puzzle, the pictures complement each other to film life.The supporting actors are already well represented. Different dimensions span each other. The room holds the time to recruit the right people. Only then does time play new melodies in a dynamic structure.

A self-experience presented in an artistic photographic way with special consideration of the scientific aspects of multimedia theory of space.

In discussion at some advanced trainings and in reading the new document by Stoetzer appropriated.

URN: urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-38332 URI:

URN: urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-38332 URI:

Intended for the communication via a self- discussion between the viewer in consider the storyboard and in reading my description and the frozen participants. Everyone can discover the scene behind the semi- opaque mirror surfaces and in the various back grounds. Using self- reflection creates manifold stories. Through the partial anonymous images a multi- perspective extension of the spaces is possible. The chairs engage in other stories and transform scenes on the though plane into other cities.

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  • 24.09.2019 10:27
    The movement begins

  • The magnetic dynamic of the back side

  • Curves with corners and natural patterns as to take a seat

  • The wave around height and glory

  • Well covered all around space line

  • All we need a place beside

  • Line up the natural feeling

  • The revolving door glance to the outside

  • Parallely movement delimited

  • The rotary of armchair

  • Arts near places with flowers

  • Enclosed of quick hatch patterns

  • Opposites attract and lets also stand up

  • Dock on the yellow stop

  • The crowning beside the way is all the right reason

  • Back to back in the circle of life

  • The right timing at the right places it´s a difficult play

  • Single points outside

  • Visitors at the hallway
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