Energy form light, let's watch it

Monika Blanka Katterwe

2018 - Ongoing

An artistically scientific study of the properties of light using photographic means and their application for the design of surreal photo paintings. The goal is complex worldwide visual communication at different levels,where reality without digital falsification is important to me.

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  • The properties of light are an exiting object of study.

    Here is an experimental setup to investigate the interaction of sunlight with different crystalline substances.

    The goal is to capture the nature of sunlight through intensive observations and to fix the interaction on a self-made photo plate.

  • Observation is the entrance door to new knowledge.

    It enables the storage of complex knowledge.

  • The traces fixed on the photo plate allow the observations to be interpreted.

    here is another step with graphically geometrically applied structures that represent the knowledge of the energetic structure of light. These are results of previous investigations.

  • The first findings enable differentiated optical experiments, such as the visualization of the impulsive propagation in crystalline substances.

  • The investigation of the coloring effect in different materials under special conditions in the light laboratory leaves interesting assumptions.

    The energetic state of the light is responsible for this optical impact?

    Different words are used in science in context of these effect, for example reflection, scattering, refraction, interference, newtonian rings, dispersive coloring and so on

    There is a one name for this coloring?

  • Thin layers in different states of tension create diverse colors.

    The pure crystal structure lowers the tension and the polymer structure reinforces it.

  • Using the new knowledge, interesting photographic color paintings can be created.

    The convey complex information in an artistic way. The multimedia link enables extensive visual communication.

  • "The static of fire"

    The energetic element of fire forms very idiosyncratic structures. Temporary fluctuations move into the room. The energetic can be feel. The limits of the pleasant can easily be exceeded. The change to the destructiveness of the element is omnipresent. But the borders are clearly law, averted a danger. By associative perception forms both faces multivariously.

    Photographically surreal painting.

  • "The energetic water column"

    The question of local being is decisively influenced by the element water in combination of the basic element iron. Fluide microstructures determine the directions of movement and the iron gives the fluid its energetic potential. This way, a stable structure can be build that offers a correspondence with the surroundings. The light as a transmitter sets a multi-faceted aura in motion. The comparsion with those already perceived release manifold associations. The delicate shell makes it something very special. The figurative reflection opens up a variety of truths spaces. Photographically surreal painting exclusively using my iPhone 7.

  • The basic of the knowledge gained in an artistically scientific manner made fluids interesting for further observations.

    Here is an interesting observation of the beam path on edges and multiple layers of glass in combination with moving water. The movement produced brief, thin-surface overlays of the element. Colored ring elements became visible.

    What has that got to do with the queteletsche rings?

  • A new plate was tackled and a corresponding test set-up tried.

  • Ist das Licht eine quirlige energetische Struktur die weit weg von Gradlinigkeit zu betrachten ist?

    Let's watch it.