Nobody's home

Olga Blacker

2013 - Ongoing

This project reflects anxious of probably many business travelers nowadays.

Very often people take flights and move in one day between many cities, countries, continents.

It is kind of weird velocity and ability to text from one capital or another in a short time. To text to the dearest person something extremely short. Something like "landed. kisses". Everything is shorten up: communication, time, life feelings.

However being on the flight or train a passenger can set kind of relationship to the coach or plane. What never happens when you sleep in the hotel over the night:

you come; put your bag in your room; go out to eat; get back; take a shower; have a sleep.

No time and no sense to unpack your bag even.

Next morning: you get up and check out.

All the luxury of the hotels while traveling for business is useless.

You have best ever hotel with whatever service and you cannot simply recognize your room if not because of the bag you left.

This kind of not belonging reflects our society. There is a tendency not to belong to any place, job, home or people(hopefully not?).

The place which hosts many people full of luxury and emptiness is not a home for anybody even for a night.

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