Me, Myself and I

Olga Blacker

2014 - Ongoing

“ME, Myself and I”

“ME, Myself and I” project is composed by #antiselfie series, Sleeping beauty series and “24 pictures nobody has on the phone”. The main topic is appearance and representation of self in modern society.


#antiselfie are selfies with a hidden protagonist, reflected or appearing to be somewhere in background. Antiselfie being an evident contradiction attracts anyway the intention to the protagonist, who is the artist, while putting her face in the shadow and forcing observer to discover the world around the artist and her relation to it. Traditional concept of selfie is turned over intentionally in provocative way to bring the public to question our daily life pace, priorities, shared moments and capacity to observe. All pictures are taken with a smartphone with no post-production.

Sleeping beauty

There is a certain separation of fashion models and cloths they present, since it belongs neither to their style nor to them. There is a very similar detachment when dead persons get dressed for their funerals. Usually the cloth is new and conservative almost never corresponding to the personality of individuals in their lives. This kind of contradiction is shown in the portrait project of sleeping persons in pseudo fashion style. Obviously nobody dresses up in reality while sleeping. All persons were asked to choose the cloth, makeup and pose with the idea of presenting themselves to the world. Persons choosing their look however exaggerated again ending up in not showing their truth personality. This research invites to get a deeper look inside of truth personality and human appearance in the society again.

“24 pictures nobody has on the phone” in contrast puts emphasis on uniqueness of moments of our daily life. The sensibility and admiration toward miracle of capturing a moment brought by film photography have been nearly lost with the digital era. There is no more limit on number of shots. There is no more waiting time to get your film developed to see the photos if any. Having opportunity of taking hundreds of images in a minute with immediate result switched our attention more to producing memories and sharing them instead of appreciating moments and remembering them.

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