Brian Harries

2015 - Ongoing

This long term, ongoing project aims to explore moments or scenes that evoke some kind of reverence. A sense of reverence is a humbling and spiritual way of experiencing respect for things greater than ourselves. It allows us to see the individual for what it is: An entity devoid of independent existence, deeply reliant on the world around itself.

Visually, this slow and quiet series draws on the relationship between humanity and matter: The elements and particles of the physical world upon which we depend, and from which we are made. Matter which we spend our whole lives manipulating, and are inescapably at the mercy of.

There is a sense of urgency today to seriously consider this truth. By integrating a fundamental reverence for the congregation of life and matter, we can begin to develop a more symbiotic way of living; re-assuming our place in the ecosystem, the physical reality we seem to imagine we have separated ourselves from.

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