The howling mountain

Betty Bogaert



A Sunday in February in the local newspaper, the wolf is on the cover. In Savoy, the growing presence of this protected species is a subject of debate. I choose to follow the wolf’s trail, or rather those who speak about it : farmers, shepherds, hunters, park wardens, mountain guides or hikers share their stories with me. This project talk about men and wolves, predation, little red riding hoods’ stories. It’s a mix of anger, fear, fascination, with myths and legends about this animal. I’m working with photography, audio recording and writing. This project is in progress.

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  • A young sherperd

  • At the top of the mountain pasture

  • Cartridges found on the ground

  • A guy on a mission to kill a wolf

  • Winter 54, the death of the last wolf

  • A young farmer

  • Commemorative stone. The first guard dog killed by volves, and 478 sheep killed in the same attack

  • A covered tag on the road

  • A postcard found in a tourist store

  • A couple of hikers

  • Two men are howling in cones to imitate a pack of wolves

  • A mountain guide