Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir

2018 - Ongoing

Through history society has objectified the female nipple to a point of seeing it only as a sexual object. Our society doesn´t care when the media sexualizes women, but the second a woman is in control and sexualizes herself willingly it´s seen as a threat.The fetishization and cencorship of the female nipple has gotten to a point where it is being seen only as a sexual object. In this project I approached the nipple as an object, by doing that I want to channel our societies objectification of the nipple.

The idea that women should be able to share non-sexually objectifying images of their bodies bothers many people. The idea is not that all women should walk around topless, nor is it a display of sexuality. The point is that our culture promotes denigrating, sexually objectifying images of women everywhere. While simultaneously barring women from freely using our bodies as they want. This is a symbol of patriarchal power and ongoing suppression of women´s speech.

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