About Berangere


Bérangère Fromont is a french photographer. Born in Martigues in 1975, she lives and works in Paris. She studied film and literature at the Sorbonne.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the world, among them le festival Circulation(s), le festival Manifesto, les Boutographies, le Prix de la Maison Blanche, the Busan International Photography Festival, Photonai, le Festival Photo Saint Germain, le Centre d'Art contemporain de Nîmes, Thessaloniki Biennale and shown in various web and paper publications (Americansuburbx, der Greif, die Nacht, Co-curate, BKN, The Smell of Dust III, Fisheye, Mouvement, L'intervalle, Hunger). A book "Cosmos" was published by André Frère Editions in 2015, « i don't want to disappear completely » with September books. And now on a third book « Except the clouds» with Void. Her work seeks to free itself from the codes of photography and revolves around the notion of resistance.

Her images are fireflies, but they are also survivors, fragile and determined.

Living artistically, ethically, politically, the border for Bérangère Fromont is of the order of an intimate necessity.

Age 44
Nationality French
Born in Martigues, France
Based in Paris, France
Languages spoken English, French
Specialisations Contemporary Issues

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  • Finaliste Prix Mentor Scam
  • shortlisted Gomma grant
  • shortlisted International Photography Magazine & Grant




Except the clouds / Void


I don't want to disappear completely/ September books


Cosmos/ André Frère Editions