Everybody Loves to ChaChaCha

Bego Anton

2015 - Ongoing

United States

This is the story of women and men who dance with their dogs; and of dogs who dance with their humans.

Musical Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance in which a dog and a human move to music together. They choose a song they both like and a costume that matches the lyrics. They dance in unison, as dancing partners. They weave, jump, bow, spin, roll, walk backwards, forward or move diagonally. And sometimes, the bond between them is so strong that they enter the pink bubble, a dimension where they become one being and the rest of the world disappears.

Travelling through several states in the US, from New York to Arizona, I met women who dance with their dogs. I visited with them in their homes to portrait these teams in their dancing costumes and captured their choreographies and personal stories on film. Everybody Loves To ChaChaCha is a combination of medium format portraits and still lives with a short documentary.

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  • Carrie&Lyric

  • Evelyn&Cowboy

  • Kath&Maisy

  • Sandy&Bliss and Jerry&Diva

  • Ellen&Bailey

  • Barb&Rex

  • Nan&Gordon

  • Ann&McGee

  • MariAynn & Garden

  • Barb&Rex

  • Barbara&Rambo

  • Aadi&Jinx

  • Frances&Candy

  • Stephanie & Charleston

  • Julia & Sparkle