A Tale of Two Sisters

Bobbi Barbarich

2019 - Ongoing

Sisters Emily and Lily Taylor are close friends and competitive athletes. Emily is two years older than Lily. Lily is in her final year of high school, and 2019-2020 is likely the last year that they will live together in their childhood home.

This summer, everything will change.

This photo project is an exploration of sport and female identity, and how familial and romantic relationships define who they are as individuals. Their story is set within a greater context: a coming-of-age story of two sisters growing up.

The images thus far are setting the foundation of their relationship, and how their training together and apart defines their life experience and details their personalities.

The project will continue to follow Lily and Emily until Lily graduates in June, after which she plans to move out of their childhood home. We will continue to observe their relationship as it morphs with their life experiences.

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