Bastien Gomez

2017 - Ongoing

Switzerland; Germany; France

“Ethereal” evokes the omnipotence of an irrational market economy, sacralized and disconnected from the real world.

This work highlights the opaque and confidential environment of high finance and trading rooms, in a climate of impunity that persists for 10 years after the 2008 crisis.

Financial markets are ubiquitous in economic and political life, but also in our daily lives. Political power is in line with market priorities and fears its assessments. Like «new gods» these markets comment and change the course of men’s lives. They deliver their daily verdict on political, economic, social or environmental events.

This global financial system is characterized by its speed, complexity and the lack of information available on its actors, making it all the more difficult to control.

In this abstract and immaterial universe, my images interpret, through a narrative point of view, the melancholic, quasi-fictional daily life of European traders, buyers and sellers of anticipations, in a time of computerized and dehumanized trading.

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