, loves you, mum

Bárbara Traver

2018 - Ongoing

The project ", love you, Mom" is an autobiographical story and visual exploration work about the relationship between my mother and me.

It is love, pain, and principles that lead to understanding, the brush of despair and wear and tear as it forges a bond unbreakable, being a need to feel the mother's embrace and conciliation with my mother to find that identity as a woman and to reflect the different perspectives from a feminine approach.

The eternal return, the way to live the confrontation of the hand of need, the authority figure... An instinct that can be intertwined with the personal, the selfishness, attachment, and the path linked together: a lifelong relationship.

I started the project this project in 2018, following Vivian Gornick's play "Fierce Attachments". This work spurred me to explore a theme that had been maturing for some time: Mother-child relationships and the construction of affection in this intimate relationship.

In this encounter, I make an introspective and intimate journey, rescuing the memory captured in images, correspondence, and audiovisuals, narrating the care and daily life of a society that has typecast us.

To this day, we are still lost, but we no longer get angry. During this period we have known how to live together in the same space, and not only that, we have established our own dialogue. I have learned that our relationship is resentful and incomprehensible, but it is also joy and complicity. We are volatile, bipolar, a hurricane that covers the space inside the home. My emotional neglect, clumsiness, and selfishness are part of this bond. I am no better than she is. You could say that I am equally or more lost, that I try as hard as I can or harder to encourage an encounter.

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