Bego Amare

2021 - 2022

Oleiros, Galicia, Spain

I use to call this place my little paradise.

I found it in 1998 when Luis took me there to meet his parents. He explained to me they were all born in Madrid, but since all their relatives were living there, or going there in the summer for ages, I decided they were all galizian locals. I go back ever since.

Time in Mera passes slower and slower. I chill myself and sleep, well, a lot.

We spend our days with not many things to do if we compare it with the city daily routines, but with more quality time for other things, that happen to be always the same things:

enjoy breakfast in the porche,

taste a good piece of bread and local cheese knowing I will never reduce those

kilos, and who cares?,

drive to Sada for an icecream,

delight myself with the meals cooked by Luis and Fernando as if we will not

see a day after,

sleep untill 12, it is ok, it doesn’t matter,

walk to the Mera lighthouse, my favorite place,

go to the cinema in A Coruña,

avoid the local fairs in the summer, there is always one near,

sleep with a blanket,

wake up with the wish,


miss the ones who left us reading,

swim in the sea in December,

visit natural landscapes where I would stay forever,


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