The Twins

Ava Williams

2017 - Ongoing

New York City, New York, United States

"The Twins" is a photography project I developed to discuss the struggles and wonders of being a twin, specifically an identical twin. The Twins discusses what it feels like to be conformed into an identity given to you that you may not approve of. For me and my sister, it was about being two individuals who on occasion feel like half a person in the eyes of others. To us when we meet people together there will never be the concept of individuality between us and that person. In their eyes, it feels as though I am one half and my sister completes us. Our realization of this a few years ago made us set out to figure out how that 1% difference in our DNA made us unique from one another. That question fueled this project creating this need to show what it feels like to be stuck in this "half of a person" identity, but also to show our relationship as sisters. Specifically with our shared frustrations and love of being a twin. Using this project I document, recall memories, and attempt to show our strong emotional bond while I answer our most frequently asked question "what's it like to be a twin?"

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