Photometria Awards 2024

  • Opens
    1 Apr 2024
  • Deadline
    31 May 2024
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In a world where perceptions are increasingly mediated and reality itself can seem elusive, Photometria invites photographers to explore the multifaceted nature of constructed realities through their lens.


Photography has always held the power to capture and shape narratives, but in today’s digital age, the lines between reality and fabrication blur more than ever. From carefully curated social media feeds to AI-generated imagery, our understanding of what is real is constantly challenged. Consider how directed photography can manipulate perceptions, presenting a carefully constructed version of reality. Venture into dreamworlds where reality bends and twists, offering glimpses into alternate dimensions of existence. Reflect on the influence of media propaganda, where images are weaponized to sway opinions and distort truths.

Constructed Realities invite photographers to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination, to provoke thought and inspire dialogue. Whether through conceptual compositions or documentary-style narratives, we encourage artists to challenge perceptions and question the constructs that shape our understanding of reality.

Practical Info

One photographer will receive a €500 cash prize. In addition, one of the top 3 winners has the opportunity to participate in the next year’s festival with a solo exhibition. The exhibition of the 25 selected photographs of the contest Photometria Awards 2024 is going to take place in Ioannina at the 16th Photometria International Photography Festival. Also it will continue its journey after the festival ends.

The applicants must send only one picture photo, not bigger than 500 KB. Photos produced by AI artificial intelligence are not accepted. The organizer has the right to cancel the participation and resort to any legal actions against the creator if an AI image participation is noticed. The winners will be selected by Martin Parr.

About Photometria

Photometria International Photography Festival is organized by Entefxis, a non-profit organization. Organized for the 15th year in the city of Ioannina is the first interactive Photography Festival in which everyone who loves the art of photography can participate. Their vision is for Photometria International Photography Festival to become a showcase of contemporary photography, to support local and foreign photographers, of education and cultivation of partnerships with cultural organizations and festivals in Greece and abroad.

© Alexandros Zafeiridis

© Alexandros Zafeiridis

© Ioanna Sakellaraki

© Ioanna Sakellaraki

© Christos Dikeakos

© Christos Dikeakos

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