Maribor Photobook Award 2023

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    10 Oct 2023
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The theme of the fourth edition of the photobook award organized by The Angry Bat and Društvo za evropsko zavest is 'The pandemic and life after it'.


Although we already think of the pandemic as past history, there is no doubt that it has cut deeply into our lives – both in our personal experience (i.e. taking access to goods and freedoms for granted), and in global social relations. Photographers are invited to send works that deal with both the intimate experience of the pandemic and its consequences, as well as the social changes associated with it. The theme is not to be taken literally and can be applied to various aspects of our lives.

Practical Info

All books published after the 1 January 2020 are eligible. Applicants should fill out one application form per book entered. The application has to be submitted together with the book. The final date to receive the books is the 10 October 2023 (postmark).

The overall winner will be awarded with a €3000 prize money. The runner up gets €500. A €1000 prize will be awarded for the best photobook published in south eastern Europe.

All books will be on display in an exhibition of contemporary photobooks and will coincide with the photo exhibition curated by Organ Vida in the Art Gallery Maribor.

About Angry Bat

The angry bat is an independent Slovene publishing house who works with limited editions and high quality photobooks.

from Margins of Excess by Max Pinckers

from Margins of Excess by Max Pinckers

from Secret Sarayaku by Misha Vallejo

from Secret Sarayaku by Misha Vallejo