Memories Lost in Time and Space

Ana Vieira de Castro

2019 - 2020

I spent the year of 2018 trying to figure out what true love was, since I thought I had experienced it. I questioned my self and everyone, searched and read books about it. Nobody could give me the perfect answer so I started working on this project as it was the only I could express my feelings.

During that time I created a Tinder account so I could ask my matches about their thoughts on true love. Most of them said not to believe it existed or did not felt like talking about it. The majority of people I asked were there because they were heart broken, felt lonely, or just wanted to have new experiences. My plan was to go on dates and photograph them on places that meant something to me. The idea was to explore my emotional memory and try to figure out how can old memories and lovers be replaced by new ones, and how do we seek so much of our last loves on our new loves. I went on my first date with a Tinder match and it completely changed my way of looking at love. I went only on one date with someone that blew my mind and made me rethink this project. I was more confused than ever on the idea of love.

Memories Lost in Time and Space is about those changing moments in our lives. Is about feeling anxious, not knowing what to expect, making hard to define who you are. Is about the process of forgetting strong memories and feelings and find new ones. Is about that transition period that leads our lives to something truly great. Is about meeting your new self and let the old self go. This project started as a search for what true love was and today it represents my journey on having my heart broken and falling in love again.

Last year was a turning point in my life and I documented my memories through photography and mixed them with letters and post cards found on antique stores. This was the starting point of the project because It always fascinated me how our strongest feelings could fit in a letter. Letters from lovers to lovers about heartbreaks, marriage, being in love or not being able to be together. This project represents the hopeless romantics like myself and the feeling of being stuck emotionally, feeling lonely, doubting, of falling in and out of love. Somehow the memories that once belonged to someone belong now to me and represent who I was last year and what I was searching.


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  • Porto, 9th of September of 1964 João Marcos Sorry if I am bothering you again, but I would like to say the thoughts I still carry. At all times I find myself revisiting the latest events and I always end up not coming a conclusion. Meanwhile, it seems to me, I am sorry and please don’t wish me bad, because you were not perfect on your behavior. You told me on your letter that you took the misunderstanding between us as a result of my youth.

  • João Marcos, you know, that although I’m already 22 years old my life has been very simple. Maybe that’s why my head cherishes so many dreams. Don’t think that I’m trying to change your mind, but since we broke up I would like to be the most honest as possible with you. I was hoping, João Marcos, that you would understand the illusions, ideas, aspirations and faith in life that I carry. Although with this attitude you tried to destroy something on me, I will do everything for that not to happen. I believe that God will help me walk the path of life with the same hope and idealizations that I had, and that until now have been part of myself. I hopped that you had understood all of this, that not always being silence means I have nothing to say, but there is so much to say that sometimes you end up being afraid of doing so. Sometimes you want to say yes but you end up saying no.

  • May, 19-05-78 / Dear Isaurita / After our phone call I got immensely sad for two reasons, 1st my son that only brings me sadness and sorrows and 2nd the fact that you can’t come over. Our best years go by as we drift apart. I want you and you are not near. / Kisses from Berto

  • Postcard 17 / Dear Isaurita / How are you? I’m doing fine. A week has gone by and I am closer to be with you whom I miss so much. It is only unfortunate that you can’t come meet me. Think about it. / Kisses from Berto

  • 2/07/1967 / Dear Tereza / When I get there I want to spend an afternoon with you. We have much to talk about. I loved having you here, we really enjoyed ourselves. Kisses to Terezinha / Big hug and kisses / Luis