Don't love me, I'm your toy

Aurore Dal Mas

2013 - 2018

Brussels Capital, Belgium

These pictures were taken during Skype video chats with men. For 15 to 45 minutes, they undress - naked torso minimum. There is no physical criteria and they will remain anonymous. They don't exactly know what I'm shooting and they want to look at their best. I don't want to make them look good but rather try to capture how does a man's body look like, how does he present himself to a camera, to a female gaze. The work questions online and photographic intimacy. Plus, through the framing that cuts into their bodies and the absence of faces, it presents objectified men on which we can't but have a cold look that analyses the contours of their physical enveloppe, like it so often happen to women. The pictures are not made to be desirable, nor are the men pictured here. This is rather made to scrutinize our flaws and our imperfect humanity.

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