A. Tamboly

2019 - Ongoing

Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden

While in some countries in Asia and Africa there is now a complete ban for the use of plastic bags, in Europe and United states, the leading industrial countries, the use of plastic is present in almost every product we buy. Ridiculously sometimes it goes too far and we use plastic for things like banana and oranges that don't even need packaging. Some of us are even collecting plastic bags from grocery stores, god knows what for. We clearly have an obvious problem of abuse and overconsumption, that is suffocating us, deforming us and stand on our way. Our obsession with plastic could be almost seen as a fetish for plastic. According to university studies, every individual is eating the amount of plastic of a credit card per week, due to the use of microplastic in several products including toothpaste. The high price of this overuse is being paid by the environment and the living organism. My project deals with the subject in a creative execution where I use plastic elements to express, suffocation, overuse, abuse, and fetish towards plastic. This is the creative part that should be shot in studio and would be accompanied later with a more documentary approach especially with aerial footage of plastic mountains stored in Asia for instance and also on the shores of Greenland

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