Ladies of Kabul

A. Tamboly

2016 - 2017

Berlin, Germany

This is an experimental project with Burka's questioning anonymity, freedom, love between two from the same sex in a conservative atmosphere and equality among other things. I experimented in my project with women from different backgrounds and origin, some of them are from the Middle East and some are from Europe and Afghanistan. I used Burkas with different colors, experimenting with the shape first and adding some items like birds or jewels to give a character to the anonymous persons. The use of birds is intentional as using of jewels as it includes a symbolic meaning into it. In the second phase of the project I used different women at the same time and let them interact with each other. Each person in the room had to write a sheet of paper about their feelings and impressions during the experiment and after it towards the burka, which interestingly some found comfortable and some found suffocating. The aim of the project is not to put the critic against a certain culture but to have a closer feeling to how a female under a burka would feel in her interactions during the day and especially with other females wearing the same outfit and not only towards men.

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