Sirius - PHmuseum


Anna Szkoda

2018 - 2019

Germany; Poland

In the work "Sirius" Anna Szkoda devoted herself to an incredible case that borders on a sicience fiction story rather than a true incident and has happend in the early 80ies in Germany.

A young man begins to tell a young woman fantastic stories. He himself pretend to be a resident of the star Sirius and she too can get there if she only leaves her human body and her life insurance behind on earth. As Scheherazade makes up stories night after night to save her life, so the young man lies night after night on the phone for years to take a life. For very prosaic reasons, the planned (suicide) murder to which he manipulates the girl fails, and the "Sirius case" becomes known as a case study in German criminal law. Where otherwise photography is a reliable medium for determining criminal facts, a fairy-tale story must now circumscribe the indeterminable boundaries between narrative and crime. Anna Szkoda work is a renunciation on the documentary: in a world of manipulation, can the camera be more than an accomplice capturing illusions?

In the book "Sirius", that was created in September 2019 as a part of her graduation work at the Ostkreuzschool for Photography in Berlin, Anna handels with detailed original material on the case and newspaper reports from the 80ies aswell as interprating the harsh rational language of law into a poetic sphere.

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