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Carpe Noctem

Asli Narin


“Carpe Noctem” (2018) issues a call for making the best of the night. In this series, I am not only a protagonist of my photographs through my nightly walks on the streets, but also an explorer who wants to discover the potential of the night to comprehend life, the light within the darkness, and a different kind of existence through my wanderings that is not possible in daylight. My aim is to explore the boundaries of aesthetic experience by creating links between the darkness of the night, visual experiences and photographic images through the idea of a threshold. The series is not a finalized work, but a summary of an artistic research about being in the night in which the night becomes a phase of finding one’s self through some experiments with found portraits and images from my nightly works.

In classical Greek narratives, personified by the Goddess Nyx, the Night symbolizes a threshold between the primordial night and the worldly night. The terrestrial night belongs to a concrete and perceptible world, while the primordial night symbolizes what is beyond that world. Overpassing the threshold of the night is to overpass the limits of terrestrial experiences that can be perceived by the senses. My efforts to comprehend some truth about life through the images captured at the threshold of seeing aims for a kind of renewal when I get out to daylight again at the end of the night. “Carpe Noctem” keeps a record of what happens after jumping over the threshold and presents the audience this transformation process with an aesthetic at the boundaries of seeing.

The series consists of 85 images. The design of the installation and the number of images are variable according to the gallery space.

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