Expression Of You - Paths Of The Feminine 2020

Ashey Karrell

2010 - Ongoing

Expression Of You is a living art project that gives women the opportunity to release the stigma, societal labels, and stereotypes by sharing Their Truth in the way They want to be seen. Each person’s contribution is captured in photographic portraits, documentary videos, and first-person writing.

Now in its 10th year, the project features individual stories and journeys of over 350 women, aged between nine and 85 years, from around the world.

Expression Of You - Paths of the Feminine is a celebration of the diversity, similarities, power, and subtleties of what it means to be a woman. It is about unleashing the bravery of the feminine to be authentic and truthful, to themselves and the world.

This body of work aspires to embolden more people to stand tall and raise their voice, to shine a light on the beauty, inspiration, strength and uniqueness that authenticity brings to each and every person.

The participants in this project are from Europe, America, and Asia. Here, Karrell has spent time building individual relationships with each woman- talking, writing, and sharing- before deciding on the right design, location, and costume for the portrait. The entire process is collaborative, and is a stance against fast, impersonal exchanges, creating the space for genuine relationships to be formed between the artist and the participant, as well as between all of the women involved. Expression of You is a woman’s expression of herself- through the lens of a photographer, but through her own eyes.

Over the next years, the project aims to continue this journey on a quest to find, explore and share the stories of 10, 000 women, femme-identifying and non-binary people and 5, 000 men and male-identifying individuals from all walks of life.

They stand tall.

They are brave.

They are unique.

They are beautiful.

They are every person.

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