Physical Implications Of Oneness

Ashima Raizada

2018 - Ongoing

Physical implications of oneness is an ongoing project which finds its roots in the concept of interconnectedness (everything is interrelated and is one). The theme investigates the apparent dissimilarity but an underlying sameness between the images combined further extending its scope and not confining to subjects like Philosophy, Existentialism, Feminism, Cultural Commentary, Religion and Consciousness.The blueprint started to take shape in 2018 with the intention to provide a larger narrative to the single images that I have been photographing over the time. Experimentation with materials has been one of the core aspects of my artistic practice and the idea lengthened to the medium of photography as well. The photographic process has always been more of an outdoor exploration but these associations transformed that experience into something more intimate, so the focus became more internal than external. The space between the images is not intact and are placed adjacent to each other in their entirety to enable the viewer to incline more towards finding the sameness, a visual continuation in the images instead of differences. As the physical boundary diminishes, the psychological boundaries tend to plummet as well.Working on this project has been like keeping a visual diary, which provided a space for the translation to occur and be materialised. The thoughts are never out of context, they always arise from what information I’m consuming, processing and my introspection over it. I work with my cell phone mostly because of the access it provides as it now feels like an extension of my physical body and also the quality of ordinariness it renders.

"Duality is us. We see and understand the physical reality in fragments. If everything has its own distinctive form how come we still end up connecting and find meaning in our differences too?"

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