Rape is Political

Ashfika Rahman

2016 - Ongoing

Rape is political

Gold Coated Albumin print on acid free paper

11.5-15 Inch

2016-2017 (ongoing)

Rape is used as the controlling method or power dominance on indigenous communities/ ethnic minorities in South Asia. ‘Rape is political’ is a portrait series of Indigenous rape victims in Khagrachari hills area, which is near the complex borders of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. A conflict between the indigenous and state is continuing for years. At present, Indigenous women, girls and even children are being raped somewhere in the Chittagong Hills quite often. These ‘rapes’ are very political being used as a weapon to further repress the indigenous tribes/clans.

The attacks frequently occur where there are land disputes between an indigenous people and settlers. According to reports, most of the rapists are settler Bangali and State security forces are being accused as well. Doctors are now under pressure not to report rapes and to state, “No rape occurred.

It is my conscious political decision to Challenge our mainstream perspective. A tribute to my protagonist by using manual alternative delicate salt gold print on paper; which was known as royal portrait printing process in early nineteenth century. Indigenous languages are illustrating the photographs, The text consist of metaphoric prayer by their own language. where these texts are not allowed to use officially.

Being daughter of social worker mother and woman this is my expression towards the dark experience that my hero went through. It attempts an alternative way to talk about such alarming threats on humanity.

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