Åsa Sjöström

2020 - Ongoing

Nongender, bigender, intergender, neutrois, transgender, genderfluid or maybe genderqueer.

Under the umbrella term non-binary, there are people with many different gender identities.

This can of course be very confusing - for all of us.

Some identify as another gender, some may or may not want to identify with any gender at all, while others have two genders. Some feel most at home somewhere in between and there are those with a floating gender affiliation. Some want to change their bodies with hormones and surgery, others do not.

Now I would like to do a report with couples, where at least one calls themselves non-binary, to let them tell their stories and explain how they want to be treated by society - by friends, school, siblings, parents, mother and grandparents, partners, healthcare and workplaces.

I have recently started this project with Oliver and Charlie, the pictures I'm sending you is the first pictures from this project, that I hope to be able to finance, maybe with PH museum women photographers grant.

I have played with some of the portraits to see how my project may develop, either in a dreamy way of the third gender or just beautiful portraits of the young couples I meet. Perhaps it will be in progress with the help from you.

I think it is important to address their thoughts and reflections on what it is like to grow up in a society where questioning identity, viruses, climate issues, violence and extreme groups become part of one's everyday life.

Society places them in a state of non-existence that can sometimes feel hopeless.

They are dreamers, they are young, they are our future and are questioning their gender.

I want to work with a larger photographic project where narrative portraits lift the young couples voices in society. Make them visible through interviews and strong portraits mixed with environmental depictions, then compile the portraits into a book and exhibition. Inspired by Mary Ellen Marks and Sally Mann's pictures of children and young people I want to make an artistic series of portraits in our society today and meet our young dreamers.

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