Things of life

Aurora Raso

2019 - 2021


If you can see a new life being born,

If you are free to be who you want to be,

If you can admire the wonders of nature,

If you can breath and walk and run,

If you can stay with your loved ones without having barriers that separate you from them,

If you have a home to live in and something to drink or eat,

If you can take a minute for yourself, to enjoy a moment of solitude and calmness,

If you have a job or just the courage to make sacrifices to realize your dreams,

You must be grateful to life, ‘cause you have all those things that matter in life.

With this project I want to remember to all those lucky people what are the things of life that matter, in order to make people forget all superficiality and materialism that fill their lives of nothingness.

With this project I want to talk about all those difficult situations world is facing, without using violent or high-impact images, but using a sort of reverse psychology.

I would like some people to recognize how lucky they are, because many countries are fighting a war now, other ones have faced an earthquake or an hurricane and both are losing their loved ones, their houses, their peace.

Other ones are fighting against Covid-19 without having necessary supplies and medicines.

Some people are prisoners of a dictatorial or terrorist regime and they can’t be free to live their life as they want and they can’t be who they are.

I would like to awake humans’ minds to stop consumerism, waste and unnecessary conflicts ‘cause if they would really appreciate life, they could realize they can be happy with less.

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