Angela Ramsey

2008 - Ongoing

These images are a small look into my life as mother. Motherhood is the most rewarding and hardest job I have ever had. The camera has become an extension of who I am and I use it to document my love for my children.

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  • A family portrait.

  • James holds Jay's hand as they walk Loinel Richie the dog.

  • Rose snuck in the bed last night after a nightmare.

  • The children pile out of the car to dinner. That night was Outback.

  • Two of the children nap in hammocks while on vacation.

  • Rose, my feminist daughter, shows her strength at dinner with grandma.

  • Anne waits patiently for her siblings to join us on an evening walk.

  • The youngest, Jay, seems to have picked the short straw for the bed that day.

  • Rose is in her own world acting out a play in her head before heading to school.

  • Ja, Rose, Kelly and Anne show off their personalities unintentionally.

  • Jay sunbaths.

  • Kelly recently stopped liking having her picture taken. These are the images I make of her.

  • Anne enjoys the hot tube by herself. This is rare moment in a large family.

  • Rose's hair blows in the wind.

  • Jay is practicing his skim boarding skills.

  • A rare self portrait. I am always there, mostly in the background.