Ann Petruckevitch

2016 - Ongoing

Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I use a variety of techniques such as camera-less, film and digital media. This stems from challenging myself technically to create work that attempts to capture the depth, shape and visual impact of the proposed subject matter by presenting the images that enable a more organic type of exploration. It is very much an evolving process encouraging a more spontaneous approach to the world around us.

The images presented here are created by observing a variety of different settings and themes, they explore spatial placement and connection without the need to impose any pictorial definition. Each frame is absorbed by it's own abstract visualization and the viewer is free to explore the relationship between and within it's constructed form, shape, perspective and tone, respectively. As the viewer moves through the series they are able to consider each image's contextual meaning. In constructing the images and presenting them here in this way I hope to provoke the viewer's own emotional response without any visual or narrative inference.

They are part of an on-going project examining our ways of seeing and responding to the elements that define art. I have assigned a one word title to each image which depicts my own way of seeing and responding, respectively. However, the simplicity or complexity with which these images can be observed challenges one's own interpretation of bounded definitions.

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