Museum of Corruption

Alexander Parkyn-Smith

2018 - Ongoing

Kyiv City, Ukraine

This series of images are taken from the project ‘Museum of Corruption’, an ongoing photographic exploration of identity in present-day Ukraine. Combining documentary photography with ethnographic research, I explore the idea of ‘onstage’ and ‘offstage’ in post-revolutionary, war-time Ukraine. The Museum of Corruption was the former president Viktor Yanukovych’s countryside residence that now operates as a theme park, run by nationalist militias. This project uses the museum as a conceptual and aesthetic starting point, from which I explore the tensions between public and private selves.

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  • Museum of Corruption

  • Underground Sun Room

  • Underground Subway

  • Superyacht Hangar

  • UA TV Studio

  • Kyiv Apartment

  • Shopping Center

  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti

  • Under Maidan Nezalezhnosti

  • Church at Museum of Corruption