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Ana Vallejo

2020 - Ongoing

My name is Ana and I am a love addict. All my life, I have been consumed by anxiety and trapped in a loop of rejecting the partners who want me and obsessing over the ones who don’t.

In march 2020 the Covid 19 pandemic severely hit NY and I was suddenly trapped in my apartment with myself.

This ignited a process of looking inward and creating a visual language to process my traumas around intimacy.

I exhaustively researched neuro scientific and psychological journals to understand connections between attachment, trauma, emotion regulation and addictions and how these factors affect intimacy. I learned how infatuation relates to pleasure seeking and about love’s analgesic effects. (link to project website:

Humans need meaningful social bonds in order to survive. Some of us developed coping mechanisms where we learned to suppress our emotional needs (avoidant) or over activate them (anxious). Anxious and avoidant individuals attract and clash at the same time, enhancing their insecurities when conflict arises which plays out into dysfunctional dynamics.

In 2020 I launched a survey where I asked people to describe how their emotions around romantic love felt. (Link to curated answers from 100+ participants:

I am currently collaborating with a data scientist and together we are designing an anonymous survey to assess how people experience emotions in relationships according to their attachment style. (Link to the surveys: ). The surveys provide a safe space of expression which will also give us insight into how people feel and perceive their intimacy.

Through this interdisciplinary scrutinization of relationships, Neuromantic delves into dysfunctional relationships to ultimately highlight why healthy relationships are essential for our wellbeing.

I am currently looking for financing to keep expanding my collages and experimentation with color and the photographic medium attempting to transcribe the overwhelming emotions of trauma and love addiction into a visual language. Funding would also go to finalizing the data aspect of the project.

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  • Neuroscientific study about how the initial stages of love have an addictive effect in the brain

  • Through this project I founf out about one of my greatest childhood traumas in a bathroom.

  • Concrete poetry made from a denounce I made in Colombia on April 2019 about a sexual assault on
    March 22 2013

  • Elevator to Love Addiction meeting

  • Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory IV January 2020