Antoine Bertot

2017 - Ongoing

Sometimes, the sight of a landscape, of a body or an object is arresting your attention. You see it every day or it might be for the first time. Whichever, you feel that you see more clearly and breathe more freely. An intense bond is established, maybe because it strikes a chord: sunlight falling on the bark of a tree, the ground getting covered, skin tightening up... Everything is fragile, it is not much but it is essential. Yet, we cannot really know what is at stake nor if there is anything more than just a sudden and deeper intake of air. The picture prompted by this feeling seems, slowly and accidentally, to give substance to images that are burried or lying deep among other uncertain memories. They echo one another through their similarities as much as their differencies: a rock casts a shadow on a piece of fabric, the nape of a neck softens the snow, like the rhymes of a gaze.

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