About Elena


Originally hailing from the picturesque region of Baikal, artist Elena Anosova (b. 1983) is currently based in Moscow and Irkutsk. She completed her education at Rodchenko ArtSchool (2016), Moscow, Russia and already has participated in a number of national and international projects and exhibitions.

Anosova’s work is centered around lives in closed institutions and small communities, isolation, social stigmatization. The impulse of research of such communities arose in a reflection of her teenage period spent at the closed rehabilitation boarding school. Also Elena Anosova works with subjects of borders, identity and collective memory in the territory of Siberia, Extreme North and Russian Far East.

She works with documentary and art photography, video, installations, archive and book projects.



Age 36
Nationality Russian
Based in Russia
Languages spoken English, Russian

Other Networks

Current Location: Russia



  • World Press Photo / Daily Life, 2d prize stories
  • LensCulture Exposure Awards / 1st place series


  • Center Project Launch / Grant Winner
  • Portraits – Hellerau Photography Award / 1st place