Anastasia Samoylova

2019 - Ongoing

The new American West is the burning West. In recent years the 13 western states have become synonymous with the threat, with California leading the list by a large margin. After the initial research trips to the area, which included an editorial assignment on the subject of booming real estate development in high risk fire zones, I composed a map of locations which I intend to photograph over the course of several visits. As with my FloodZone project, the new FireZone will spare the viewer from predictable images of disaster, instead focusing on the daily life in communities at risk of complete evisceration in a single fire season. In the era of climate change the cultural preconceptions of American Dream being equivalent to suburban house ownership with subsequent reliance on oversized automobiles are becoming increasingly irrational, yet that is still the reality even in outwardly progressive states like California.

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  • Pink-hued fire-retardant covering the hills of Tick Canyon, Santa Clarita, CA

  • Resident of the Porter Ranch neighborhood looks over the burnt down canyon in Santa Clarita, CA

  • Charred hills around a ranch in Santa Clarita, CA

  • Ranch. Lancaster, CA

  • Automobile taillight melted in Tick Fire, CA

  • Front yard sign acknowledging firefighters. Santa Clarita, CA

  • Mailboxes on a private road burnt down in Tick Fire. Santa Clarita, CA

  • Houses burnt down in Tick Fire. Santa Clarita, CA

  • Smoke rising from Santa Monica Mountains during the Getty Fire. Los Angeles, CA

  • Firefighter helicopter putting out the Getty Fire. Los Angeles, CA

  • Chimney of a burnt down house in Malibu, CA

  • Mailbox of a burnt down house in Malibu, CA

  • A roadside shop along Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA

  • Burnt down trees in Zuma Ridge, Malibu, CA

  • Damaged garbage container. Malibu, CA

  • Charred hills in Porter Ranch neighborhood. Northridge, CA

  • New construction. Santa Clarita, CA