Breakfasts With

Anastasia Samoylova

2017 - Ongoing

Breakfasts With

Why do we like books of photographs? What do they mean to us? How do they fit into our lives? In these ‘virtual’ times they are special objects, physical albums, worlds of their own. Breakfasts With started when I began to photograph in Miami. Pulling books from shelf in the morning was a way to get inspired for my photographic walks. Breakfast is the most casual and intimate meal. What would it be like to have conversations over breakfast with these artists? I started to photograph these imaginary encounters, the books and breakfasts becoming new images. Paying my respects while reflecting on how images enter one’s life, shaping physical and mental space. Sometimes photographing an image is a way to really get to know it. To study it through a lens, or within another image, is to really engage with it. So Breakfasts With is not so much appropriation as an act of homage. And a recognition of the deep effects that photographs can have on us.

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  • Breakfast with Irving Penn

  • Breakfast with Ilse Bing

  • Breakfast with Jean Luc Godard

  • Breakfast with Henri Cartier-Bresson

  • Breakfast with Yva

  • Breakfast with Florence Henri

  • Breakfast with Robert Frank

  • Breakfast with Paul Strand

  • Breakfast with Horst P Horst

  • Breakfast with William Eggleston

  • Breakfast with Paul Outerbridge

  • Breakfast with Ernst Haas

  • Breakfast with Barbara Kasten

  • Breakfast with Sigmar Polke

  • Breakfast with Cindy Sherman

  • Breakfast with Eliot Porter

  • Breakfast with Jan Groover

  • Breakfast with Minor White

  • Breakfast with Christopher Williams

  • Breakfast with Stephen Shore