Me,Myself and The Camera

Ana Leal

2019 - Ongoing

Me, myself and the camera is a journal. A journey into myself. A compilation of images that reflect my process of using the camera as an autobiographical tool, a series of self portraiture.

Inspired by minimalist traditions as well as impressionist painters my images result simple, geometric and often abstract. These abstractions are actually self portraits that reflect how I see, and being on an evolutionary path as a human being they represent where I am now.

This is my use of the camera to engage, reflect, and share a feeling state.It is a conversation between myself, my senses, and the tool, being the best way I have to push the boundaries of photography to make it a visual journal. I create pieces that I then aloud to interact, and I find that putting images next to each other animates a whole different story, as they create a relationship between them. It is very important to me that the images have this constant dialogue.

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