203 Days and Counting : An essay about apparent insignificances

Ana Leal

2020 - Ongoing

“ 203 Days and counting “ is an essay composed of a series of images produced during quarantine due to Covid-19. Most of them were taken at my apartment in the city, some at a weekend retreat, both in São Paulo, Brazil, and reflect this period of a contemplative mood when time seemed suspended. This is a diary about the isolation experienced during these days.

I started this quarantine thinking about opportunities the isolation could uncover: a needed time for contemplation and a slower pace of living. Slowly I became self-conscious about my living space, my body, and my emotions.

Guided by this contemplative state of mind, my gaze reconfigured the sense of the simple. An empty place of silence, a harmonic cadence that registered apparent insignificance.

The rarefied morning light announces a new day that sneaks in through the window, moves through the curtain weave to warmly illuminate our intimacy. At the end of the day, the light is gone, and with it many times my energy too. Moods change. Contradictory emotions cohabit in an often tired body. There is, however, this infinite beauty that pulsates in the small details, which usually goes unnoticed in our daily routines. Capturing this sensation throws me into an ethereal, delicate, and melancholic atmosphere. Observing the images, I am moved to this timeless place of diffuse spatiality. It seems that I am denying the existence of things in their time as an escape from reality.

The images presented in this collection are observations of the everyday personal moments that poetically document what it means to be living through the time of the pandemic

Finally, a question: in the future, will this very particular moment that we have been going through be also considered insignificant ??

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