Máté Dobokay

2014 - Ongoing

Photography played a major role in distancing landscape imagery - used in paintings and graphic design - from realistic representation. In my works I deprived the photographical landscape from this same traditional attitude.

In my series I destroyed the concept which states that one can only take a photo of something that exists in reality. Thus, I created landscapes which only evolved because of utilizing the possibilities hidden in the raw material itself. My photos are a synthesis of non-existing landscapes, the conventions of fine art and photographical landscape representation, furthermore, certain forms and elements of nature, which collectively exists in the minds of man.

The photographs were created without time exposure but by using a chemical technique on the instant films and occasionally interrupting this procedure. Through manual intervention, I examined the possibilities hidden in the material and observed the attributes of the fictitious landscapes. With simple mechanisms, I directed the development, and formed the chemograms. During the chemical treatment the polaroids received balanced, equal amount of light, therefore, the photographs did not emerge merely due to the creating nature of light but more because of the interaction between the raw material and the artist. Reducing photography to such extent allows one to truly emphasize the creating process and the retroaction of the material itself. Due to the technical interpretation of the photos the presence of the creator is dominant even though the final photos mirror intact nature.

2014- / 7,3x9,5 cm; 9,5x7,3 cm / chemigram on instant film

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