The Agony of love

Adrián Markis

2019 - 2020

The agony of Love is a photo series about the despair within the human experience and how people struggle with relationships within the chaotic environment of the world.

The series features several cinematic compositions, each one composed to create a narrative experience. The portraits express a sense of tension, personal struggle, and despondency.

The viewer is introduced to a couple on the verge of separation. It is a close-up intimate portrait where the characters face a major life obstacle. Instead of the obstacle strengthening their relationship, it has driven them apart. They are forced to deal with their sorrow as individuals instead of as a couple.

The use of light and deep shadows add a sense of dream-like environments of solitude and emotional depth. Together, the lights, shadows, and contrast between warm and cold colors serve to elicit dramatic emotional responses in the viewers.

The series blends the lines between fine art, narrative tableau, and movie stills.

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