Elvis Rose

Alvaro Deprit

2019 - 2021

That's how I found myself thinking about ‘Elvis Rose’, the color of Elvis's Cadillac: In this photographic series I followed, as in a game, the mental flow of the history of representation of the Flamingo, an object of American pop culture, and its symbolic correlation.

Elvis Rose, in addition to indicating the particular secret tone of the color of Elvis's cadillac, is a point on the road that a visual memory has traveled as if it were a calligram.

A calligram that collects the micro-narratives and images that shape a conscience.

The reflection began when I observed that some objects crossed my personal history both in their material and representational aspects.

I chased my parents' home for years, moving from year to year to different places. I can use the term "chase" because a home certainly has to do with ideas of things rather than things themselves. Clouds of moving objects that my parents have rearranged in different places from time to time.

Parts of objects, had changed their place, their initial function and their meaning; they had hybridized.

What is the nature of objects? How do they change in our mind?

I also chased these new developments, these "turns" of thought and this memory game.

A painting of these Flamencos has always been part of the accumulation of objects preserved by my parents, a symbolic object, a printed photograph, a representation that shaped my memory. What caught my attention is the subtle and fleeting link between a "symbol object" like this one and the construction of memory and identity.

An icon that has been split into properties: The pink Flamingo demonstrates how an object can enter people's minds, even if only as an idea or suggestion of unmistakable landscape, aesthetics, comfort, the memory cache of Florida and Las Vegas of leisure and extravagance.

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  • Creature from the Black Lagoon, Silver Springs, Florida.

  • Cucumber collecting

  • Lonely cactus

  • Gatorland Zoo, Orlando, Florida

  • Objects, parent’s home, Andalusia

  • Arthur is the only one who knows the cadillac paint formula, he named it “Elvis Rose.”

  • 1973 Buick Riviera 1973. The personal luxury car.

  • Andalusian landscape

  • NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows "Wharton Ridge” (False Color)

  • st-ce une pipe?

  • Food packets for use on the Gemini-3 flight including dehydrated beef pot roast, bacon and egg bites, toasted bread cubes, orange juice and a wet wipe.

  • Divine, ‘the filthiest person alive’,‘Pink Flamingo’ poster movie, John Waters 1972.

  • Objects, parent’s home, Madrid

  • Andalusian landscape

  • ‘There is no real meaning behind the flamingo’ said Christopher

  • Plastics for the Lawn

  • Objects, parent’s home Madrid

  • Application of suncream. Perspective of Silver Spring, Florida.

  • Flamingo Casino

  • NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity catches "Pillinger Point,"Overlooking Endeavour Crater on Mars (False Color)