Alinne Rezende

2020 - Ongoing

Life is a hell of a joker; it seems to mock me all the time. I’m coming through some hard times, full of ups and downs. So, I guess, now it is a good time to introduce a bit of myself. My name is Alinne and it’s been too long I don't know where my home is.

The main reason I'd been dreaming to go there for so long has a name: Fitz Roy. And in all of my dreams about how it would be, I would never dare to imagine it would happen the way it did. Not even what it would take to make this dream comes true. Everything was so intense that it just made me love that mountain even more for being there for and with me at that moment.

Some people told me I would be lucky if I manage to see it. Well, I wasn’t only lucky to see it. I was lucky enough to live a hell of a story! Perfectly like this. Cause even when everything went wrong, it was perfectly right.

I did a lot of walking, a lot of talking, a lot of thinking those days I was there. But more than that. Every step was something, something to look at, to admire, to think about. I was simply mesmerized! But it wasn’t only about the place, the mountain, and its scenery. It was about me too.

All of my steps, all of my choices, all of my life have taken me there, and I knew beforehand I was going home, and indeed, I went. Home in the deepest of its meaning.

Even though I've been a nomad for quite a long time, I am such a lucky person. I don’t need the whole world, I just need those little pieces of it that hugs me and loves me even when I am at my worse, those that hold me by the hand and take me back to my heart!

Life is indeed a hell of a joker, mocks me all the time, and, believe me, loves me unconditionally!

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