It Could Have Happened Here

Alfonso Fonseca

2018 - Ongoing

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

It Could Have Happened Here, is an ongoing project where I find crimes that have occurred in the Phoenix, Arizona area; Research them, Photograph the places they have occurred at, and then create a narrative with those photos along with found photos. This lets me explore time, place, narrative, and the relationship between all three while creating cathartic moments of finding and connecting information for the viewer and creating a sensation of making a personal narrative out of historic events. At the same time these photographs show a dark history of Phoenix involving car bombs, mafia, corruption, and unsolved murders and reminds us of the histories places can hold. This whole process creates a depiction of events that forces us to question what is true and what is false and the narratives will function as signposts for invisible histories put through a diaristic method.

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