Dust never sleeps

Alessandro Zanoni


Shanghai Shi, China

Dust never sleeps. It covers, veiling surfaces, faking sleep. But then, always, disturbed by an event, a frenzy of activity, it awakes and continues its endless journey with its accomplice, time. Time and dust are consanguineous, joined in continuous, mutually beneficial dialogue. They formulate contracts presented to Death for signing.

Alessandro Zanoni’s work is a journey of exploration into this relationship, a metaphorical dialogue between man’s transient ingenuity and his arrogance challenging Nature, a dialogue which Zanoni silences. The silence occupies an abscence, as if humanity has disappeared. A kindled light under a soldier’s watchful eye remains: the artist’s light, the artist’s eye.

This vision of difficult, inaccessible landscapes, of images regarding us like mute innocents questioning the culpable, is a journey into our humanity and our follies, vast landscapes which Zanoni captures with striking clarity. His landscapes witness a blindness and thoughtless growth in doomed sterile human apiaries.

This subtle, impalpable dust slowly settles diluting colours. Alessandro Zanoni offers us specks of dust to score our souls and lose our fragile, blinkered equilibrium, on which faded mankind sits desirous of profit.

Antonio Maiorino Marrazzo

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